How to Enter Wedding Sweepstakes

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Win a free wedding! What young prospective bride wouldn’t want to at least consider the possibility of winning a wedding sweepstakes? The thought of having a dream wedding without the worry of what you (or more likely, your parents) would have to spend is an enticing prospect. But for many, it remains just a dream and something out of the realm of the practical. Well, in this article we’ll explore how it’s possible and how you can enter a wedding sweepstakes contest with a real chance of winning. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play, right?

What Can You Win?

So what exactly can you win by entering a wedding sweepstakes contest? Well, for starters, you can win yourself a free honeymoon. Do you have a desire to go to Paris, Hawaii, or the Bahamas? These are three of the top honeymoon destinations and are often the grand prize in some wedding sweepstakes. You could also win bridal apparel, catering services (delicious free food is always a plus), a personal wedding consultant, or a totally free wedding with everything included.

A Dream Wedding: What It Could Mean for You

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If you’re still reading this article, you most likely are interested in the possibility of entering and winning a wedding sweepstakes contest. When you think about it, what do you have to lose? Wedding sweepstakes are an exciting way to make your dream day even more special, affordable, and maybe even completely free. One thing to remember to do is to make sure you check with your accountant about sweepstake contests and the taxes you might be required to pay on the prize, and prizes will vary depending on the wedding sweepstakes you’ve entered.

Free Honeymoon

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Starting out married life by taking an exotic, romantic honeymoon and not having to worry about choosing between your dreams and your budget is truly the way to go! And a honeymoon sweepstakes could be your ticket. These giveaways offer newlyweds the chance to win a perfect honeymoon vacation at a fraction of the cost. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you live in the US, no honeymoon can be free because you must pay taxes on the value of the prize.

Starting Out the Right Way

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The good news is that the money you’ll save will be more than enough to start a nice nest egg for your future, and what newlyweds wouldn’t want that? They can use the money saved by winning a honeymoon contest or wedding sweepstakes for a down payment on a house or a new car, on home furnishings, or they can just add it to their savings account.


Designer wedding gowns and maid of honor dresses, free honeymoons, engagement rings, catering services, and live music are all some popular wedding sweepstakes prizes. Some wedding sweepstakes even offer a grand prize which includes an entirely free wedding paying for both the ceremony and the reception. Talk about a great way to save money for your first home! And the father of the bride would certainly be in favor of a free wedding, don’t you think? Okay, this all sounds great, but you may be wondering how you can possibly win.

How to Enter

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As we mentioned earlier, you can’t win if you don’t play. It’s fine to dream about winning a wedding sweepstakes contest but unless you take action, it will remain just that: a dream. It might sound funny, but you can improve your chances by reading guides like “How to Enter Sweepstakes Like a Pro”. Some people treat sweepstakes like a hobby and to get good at winning, you need to practice.

Here are some general tips for how to enter an online wedding sweepstakes contest or any sweepstakes you might enter. The good news is that it’s easy and free to get started, and the payout can be huge. So here’s what you’ll need to enter wedding sweepstakes online.

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • A wedding sweepstakes contest to enter

Pretty easy, right? And if you really want to become a pro at entering wedding sweepstakes and improving your chances of winning, you can download a form-filling program like Roboform to speed up the process and allow you to enter more wedding sweepstakes and improve your chances of winning. No one likes filling out forms and form software like this makes the process faster and more fun.

Also, get a dedicated email address you can use only for entering sweepstakes. That way you’ll likely not miss any important emails from the contest promoters. After all, you wouldn’t want a winning notification to end up in your spam folder.

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning

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Okay, so you’ve got everything set up and you’re ready to enter your first sweepstakes. But you don’t want to play for fun; you want to win, right? So let’s look at how you can improve your chances of winning a wedding sweepstakes contest. Maybe this is your first time or maybe you’ve entered sweepstakes many times and never won. Luck of the draw has something to do with your chances of winning, but maybe you are unconsciously doing things that sabotage your odds. Below are a few things you can avoid or do differently to improve your chances.

Follow the Rules

Update Contact Information

Passing Up Chances

Entering Wrong Sweepstakes

Establish an Efficient Daily Sweepstakes Routine

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Before you jump in and enter sweepstakes and contests with the goal of winning a free wedding or an exotic honeymoon, you need to come up with a routine that will increase your chances. If you enter with no strategy, it’s likely that you’ll end up winning nothing at all or worse, stuff you don’t even want and still have to pay taxes on. When you want to get fit, you need a plan. It’s the same with entering sweepstakes and contests. You need a strategy. Below are four quick tips that will help.

One Entry Sweepstakes

Review New Sweepstakes Listings

Enter Daily Sweepstakes

Set a Time to Enter Weekly and Monthly Sweepstakes

Create a Mix: Sweepstakes and Contests

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Once you’ve established your sweepstakes routine, it’s now time to further refine your strategy. It’s easy to be seduced by so many flashy contests and sweepstakes offering life-altering prizes, but the odds of winning a Paris honeymoon are astronomical. Sure, you should enter those type of contests, but you need to have a mix of more realistically winnable sweepstakes as well.

Big Prizes vs. Lots of Smaller Prizes

Sweepstakes vs. Contests

Difficult Entry Sweepstakes

What Wedding Sweepstakes Are Available?

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So far we’ve covered what the advantages of entering sweepstakes, the possible prizes, how to enter them, and some strategies for improving your chances of winning. Now let’s look at some examples of the kinds of sweepstakes that are seeking entrants in 2019.

Bridal Guide: 2019 Jewelry Survey Sweepstakes

Bridal Guide: Eddy K Dreams Cover Gown Sweepstakes

Blue Nile: $10,000 Sweepstakes


The bottom line is those wedding sweepstakes you’ve read about are a fun, easy way to put you and your spouse in a great position for your future together. Sweepstakes, unlike contests, require no skill, are usually easy to enter, and with a little luck and the right strategy, you can improve your chances of winning. Prizes can range from jewelry, apparel, and catering to an all-inclusive wedding and reception. Sweepstakes and contests are fun and can give your wedding planning an added element of excitement. The best part is that there is no shortage of contests and wedding sweepstakes to enter.