How To Win Online Gun Giveaways

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Depending on your point of view, an online gun giveaway sounds very scary or just too wonderful to be true. If your sentiments lean in the latter direction, then you have probably wondered how to win online gun giveaways. Turns out, many people believe the key is not just luck but actual skill. You need to know a few ‘insider secrets’ and you will soon have a good idea how to win online gun giveaways yourself.

Are Gun Giveaways Legitimate?

You have probably heard the ads on the radio before: “We’re giving away a gun every day between now and Christmas!” or “Win a gun every week leading up to hunting season!” Most of the time, the advertisers tell you where to enter because giveaways are mostly used to generate leads for future sales. Gun giveaways are no different, and understanding that will be crucial to your ability to learn how to win online gun giveaways.

Are Online Gun Giveaways Legal?

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It is legal to offer firearms in sweepstakes and giveaway contests, although there is a little more to the process than just drawing a number out of a hat. Like any other sweepstakes, an online gun giveaway must have rules publicly and readily available.

The first step is understanding what information you must provide and making sure you have provided it in the proper format so that it can be verified. After all, most gun manufacturers do not want any bad press for giving it to a “bad guy.” They give that gun away to get positive publicity for their product and brand!

Every sweepstakes must have rules detailing:

  • How to enter
  • The odds of winning
  • How the winner is determined
  • Any tax information regarding the firearm’s value
  • Legal information on how to resolve disputes with the sweepstakes organizer

If the sweepstakes plan on using the winner’s image or other information for publicity, that must be clearly stated as well. Then there is the important verbiage that plays a key role in keeping things legal:

“Any gun prize winner must conform to all local, state, and federal regulations as applicable and must make arrangements for delivery of firearms with appropriate federally licensed firearms dealers as required by state and federal law.”

Those terms are courtesy of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and are replicated in a similar fashion across all firearms sweepstakes. Your ability to abide by these terms is the only way you can accept your winnings. Without these terms, the giveaway may not be legal.

Keeping the Transfer Legal

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Once you have learned how to win online gun giveaways and won your first firearm, you will only be able to accept your prize if you conduct the transfer of that gun through legal channels. This means you must verify you are not legally prohibited from owning a gun and that it is legal for you to register that firearm and take possession of it.

Where to Find the Best Online Gun Giveaways

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The next step to learning how to win online gun giveaways is being able to recognize the good ones. If you waste a lot of time entering firearms sweepstakes that are not legitimate, you risk giving away your valuable personal information for free.

Often, hackers and scammers will try to disguise their websites as sweepstakes entry forms, but once they have your information, they sell it so that people can market other products and services to you. If you enter enough personal information, they may sell that information on the “dark web” so that others can use it to steal your identity.

Do not let your desire to know how to win online gun giveaways cloud your judgement. Take a close look at any firearms sweepstakes website before entering any information. We already discussed how to make sure the giveaway itself is legal. Now, we will deal with how to spot a fake website. Here are a few common indicators that the sweepstakes might be a scam:

  • The website has no privacy policy
  • The sweepstakes has no privacy policy
  • The sweepstakes has no clearly stated rules
  • The gun giveaway implies you have already won when you haven’t
  • You have to buy something before you can enter the gun giveaway
  • You have to download something
  • It’s asking for more information than seems appropriate

Excluding some of these things does not necessarily make the website illegal, but it does make it more likely the organizer is more interested in getting your information than they are in giving away a gun. Knowing how to win online gun giveaways is largely about knowing which contests not to enter. Your competition is probably wasting all sorts of time on contests that do not even have a real prize behind them.

Information Good Gun Giveaways Will Ask For

If you want to know how to win an online gun giveaway, accept you will have to provide some personal information, eventually. Once you have confirmed the giveaway is legal and the sweepstakes organizer and website appear legitimate, be prepared to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your birth date
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number

Remember that from the organizer’s perspective the purpose of the sweepstakes is to generate marketing leads. As such, they may also ask you questions related to how many or what type of guns you own or how you use them, or perhaps something else related to their product. You may also need to create an account with a username and password.

DO NOT provide information about bank accounts, your social security number, drivers license, or password information. If you must set up an online account to win, do not replicate your passwords from another website or account.

Also, if an online gun giveaway asks for financial information, close the window immediately and do not enter. Anything of that nature should be handled through the appropriate state, federal, or local authorities after you have won, not before.

5 Gun Giveaways Too Good to Pass On

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If you are not yet sure how to win online gun giveaways, take a look at these five gun giveaways from December 2018:

  • Atlantic Arms’ “Win an AK-47 Combo” contest
  • Diamond Back’s “Win a Diamondback DB380”
  • Sig Sauer’s monthly “Win a SIG” contest
  •’s “Win a Colt Single-Action Army” contest
  • Savage Arms’ “Win a Savage Arms Trophy Hunter XP” contest

Some of these contests were classic sweepstakes, but others required entrants to open an account with the company, agree to the terms, then spread the promotional link on social media. The person who sent the most people to the website via their gun giveaway link would receive the prize. This is common and, if you have a large or active social media following, is one of the secrets to how to win online gun giveaways. However, if you do not have the social media presence to win, don’t worry. There are other ways to improve your odds.

How to Win Online Gun Giveaways

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Now that you are ready, we will talk about how to win online gun giveaways. There are several key behaviors outside of making sure you are eligible that will definitely improve your chances.

Use Every Networking Strategy You Can

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If you find an online gun giveaway that tracks views or website visits as part or all of the process of finding a winner, then leverage your social media following to get those likes and looks. Use Facebook, email your network of fellow gun lovers, and post about the contest on Instagram and Twitter. Use hashtags that are likely to get gun-lovers’ attention and entice them to click your links.

Make no mistake: You are paying for that gun if you enter the social media game because you are working to generate traffic for that gun company or website.

Look for Relatively New Gun Companies or Retailers

Often new companies with little social media presence will give away something attractive to get more attention to their new company. Entering this type of contest gives you two advantages:

  • They are more likely to factor in the “sweat equity” of your traffic generation
  • There is likely to be lower participation

Create an Online Personality That Attracts Selection

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We mentioned earlier that gun companies want to give guns to “the good guys.” This means that no matter how random the contest is supposed to be, if you have a negative look online, you may be at a disadvantage. Make sure that your online presence demonstrates love for firearms without indicating love of violence. Rules often favor entrants who meet these criteria by giving arbitrary weight to the person who makes the “best” comment on a website or social media platform about the gun they hope to win.

​​Winning Online Gun Giveaways Is Partly Up to You

If you are ready to win, now you have some important information about how to do it. Always be careful to protect your private information and your financial security. Never get carried away by the appeal of the prize, and use your new strategies for how to win online gun giveaways to optimize your odds of success.