How To Win An Online Car Sweepstakes: 9 Tips And Tricks

blue sports car to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes
People enter online car giveaways every day so it is important to know a few tips and tricks on how to win an online car sweepstakes. This will better the chances of winning your dream car.
Online car sweepstakes are among the most popular car giveaways that people take part in. Online car sweepstakes are available to most people, and they offer different cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

The advantage of online car sweepstakes, compared to other sweepstakes and contests, is that you have the option to exchange the car for cash. 

You can win a car in these online car sweepstakes

  • 1
    Ford – Toughest Ticket Sweepstakes
  • 2 – Riot Sweepstakes
  • 3
    Margaritaville – Beach Cruisin’ Giveaway
  • 4
    Quaker State – AutoZone Jimmy Houston Boat and Trailer Sweepstakes
  • 5
    Dave Smith Motors – Eat Sleep Jeep Giveaway
  • 6
    Peloton Magazine – Salsa Cutthroat Rival 1 Sweepstakes
  • 7 – 2018 SDPC Performance Engine Sweepstakes
  • 8
    Wolfson Berg – Hustle for that Muscle Sweepstakes
  • 9
    Indian Motorcycle – Polaris Online Sweepstakes Giveaway
  • 10
    Toby Keith – Should’ve Been a Cowboy Sweepstakes
  • 11
    Makita – All Terrain Slayer Sweepstakes
  • 12
    Extreme Terrain – $5,000 Raxiom Giveaway
  • 13
    Orvis – Barbour Land Rover Sweepstakes
  • 14
    Pennzoil – AutoZone Shell Rotella Gas Truck Sweepstakes
  • 15
    Panama City Beach Cycles – Road King Special Motorcycle Giveaway
  • 16
    Goodguys – 1969 Ford GRT-100 Giveaway
  • 17
    Polaris – Slingshot Giveaway

Basics: How to Enter Car Sweepstakes

When entering sweepstakes for a new car, it is necessary to provide your actual valid contact information. This serves two important purposes.

First, if you win a car and the prize holder needs to reach you, it would be easy to contact you. Second, disqualification is likely if there is a discrepancy between the information on the entry form and your identity or contact details.

You should use your full name as it appears on official documents of identification such as your driver’s license or passport. Provide your actual address when you enter sweepstakes.

Usually, they permit only one entry per household for car sweepstakes. To qualify, the address provided on the sweepstakes entry form must match your home address.

It is important to check whether you are entering a car sweepstakes or a car contest, most people confuse the two. Someone selects a random winner in sweepstakes; however, a contest requires a little skill.

For instance, a contest may require you to answer questions about the sponsor’s business, something about the prize, or play a skill game to win.

One of the most important tips of how to win an online car sweepstakes is to always read the entry rules and instructions before you fill out the registration form.

The registration form will list all the important details for the car giveaway, and it is important to understand them before you enter an online car sweepstakes. Not only will using sweepstakes with the right rules give you a better chance of winning, but it will help you identify if it is a car sweepstakes scam or not.

You should know how many times you can enter a car sweepstakes and also know of any other default clauses that could affect your chances of winning.

Tips and Tricks on How to Win an Online Car Sweepstakes

couple hands up in the air on a pink car to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

You must enter a car sweepstakes for you to have any chance of winning a car. Enter regularly and never lose patience.

The secret of how to win an online car sweepstakes is patience, perseverance, and having a positive attitude.

If you’ve never won a prize, it can feel like a waste of time to keep entering if you don’t win as quickly as you’d hoped. Some people win within days after they enter, and for others it takes months. If you keep at it, you will increase your chances of winning and might win.

To win sweepstakes for a car or any other sweepstakes, you must enter it. The more online car sweepstakes you enter, the better chances you have of winning.

Do Your Research

hands typing on a laptop keyboard to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Researching how to win an online car sweepstakes improves your chances.

Dig up car sweepstakes by using free listings such as Some sweepers spend as many hours researching sweepstakes as they do entering them. 

Sweepstakes newsletters, which cost around $70 a year and cull giveaways from all over, can save you a lot of time.

Organize your online car sweepstakes entries. You can save a lot of time if you create a strategy for which sweepstakes you’ll enter daily.

Go Mobile

go mobile logo to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

You can enter other car sweepstakes through your smartphone or tablet. This gives you the convenience of taking part in car sweepstakes anywhere and at any time.

You can also try texting sweepstakes through your smartphone or tablet. Sweepstakes with text entry receive fewer submissions than online car sweepstakes.

Regularly Enter As Many Sweepstakes As You Can

keyboard with social media texts to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Submit entries as frequently as car sweepstakes rules allow which may be daily or weekly.

To increase your chances of winning, experts recommend filling out entry forms for at least 30 minutes, three times per week. Enter as often as you can.

The more entries you have made, the better your odds become for winning an online car sweepstakes.

 If you’re having trouble fitting sweepstakes entry into your schedule, learn how to enter sweepstakes faster. The more entries you make, the faster you will get.

Work the Odds

bags of money to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Focus on local and regional car sweepstakes because they get fewer entries compared to national ones.

Enter free car sweepstakes at your local mall and take part in online car sweepstakes.

If you frequently enter car sweepstakes and car giveaway contests, then you know entering local sweepstakes gives you a better chance of winning than online contests. 

This is because online giveaways have a larger, national audience and more entries.

Decide which car sweepstakes are worth the time to enter. It’s better to mix your sweepstakes; some with large prizes, some with higher chances of winning. To make sure you have a good mix, learn about the best sweepstakes to enter and which factors influence sweepstakes odds and the probability of winning.

Understand the Rules and Play by Them

keyslot sign to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Understanding the rules of the online car sweepstakes is another great tip on how to increase your chances of winning.

Incorrect car sweepstakes entries account for about 20% of the total prize disqualifications. For every online car sweepstake you enter, go through the instructions carefully. 

Make sure you’re not doing anything that might hurt your chances of winning a car through sweepstakes. Some sweepers shoot themselves in the foot by doing common sweepstakes mistakes such as not following the rules or lying about eligibility.

Watch Out for Scams

scam alert sign on top of a keyboard to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Knowing how to win an online car sweepstakes involves avoiding scams. You need to know how to identify and avoid online scams.

You should always enter free car sweepstakes only. To legitimately win a car sweepstakes, they should not require you to purchase a sponsored product to increase your chances of winning the sweepstakes.

Some will tell you it increases your chances of winning but it does not. You should never pay tax or shipping charges in advance when you enter online car sweepstakes.

Legitimate online car sweepstakes will identify themselves prominently while fraudulent ones will not openly provide their contact information.

Legitimate sweepstakes will never ask for information like a credit card or bank account number. Also, ignore emails with bad grammar or poor spelling, or that promote car sweepstakes from other countries.

Another common scam for online car sweepstakes and giveaway contests is when you receive a call from an irritating telemarketer or receive something in the mail telling you you’ve won something, even though you’ve never entered those sweepstakes.

So, if you enter any sweepstakes, counter check and make sure you only enter legitimately free car sweepstakes.

Perfecting Your How to Win an Online Car Sweepstakes Strategy

You can also search online for local car sweepstakes. As mentioned, local giveaways have fewer entries. The disadvantage with shopping mall car sweepstakes is that they usually have very long running dates that can last for many months.

By the time they make the draw, there can be hundreds or even thousands of entries. This makes your chances of winning car sweepstakes at the mall very slim.

It’s advisable to open a new free email account and use it specifically for car sweepstakes or any other types of sweepstakes and contests because you’re likely to receive a lot of email advertisements from sponsors.

Once you’ve gotten beyond basic sweepstakes entry tips, there are some online tools and programs that can help you win even more. Below are a few tools that one can use.


roboform logo to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

With the paid version of RoboForm, you only have to pay once to store an unlimited number of sweepstakes forms and identities. This makes it much faster and easier to win.


tweetdeck dashboard to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

TweetDeck which is a free program that helps you organize Twitter sweepstakes entries.


diigo logo to illustrate how to win an online car sweepstakes

Diigo is a free program that lets you track which sweepstakes you’ve already entered.

How to Win an Online Car Sweepstakes: Conclusion

After identifying genuine online car sweepstakes, use the tips and tricks for how to win an online car sweepstakes we have discussed here. This will increase your chances of winning. If you master these skills and apply them, you will have a competitive advantage over others.