How to Win Amazon Giveaways: Tips and Tricks

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Amazon Giveaways are very popular right now and a great way to market your product to the unique group of customers that participate in this platform. From a consumer’s viewpoint, it can be discouraging to enter giveaway after giveaway without winning. It can be time-consuming and frustrating and feel like a hoax after a while. In this guide, we’ll go over ways you can learn how to win Amazon giveaways to make your time worthwhile.

Every day hundreds of thousands of participants click through the bouncy Amazon boxes in hopes that they will soon be the lucky winner of something. There are participants that simply enjoy the act of clicking through and not knowing if they’ll be chosen or not, and there are advanced participants that are practically pros.

These participants and analyzed the odds and are using their time wisely to win the most that they can, and it’s not without effort that these people end up winning. If you’re wanting to join the latter group, look no further—with this article you’ll learn how to win Amazon giveaways in the shortest amount of time possible.

What Are Amazon Giveaways?

Amazon Giveaway is a platform that Amazon has created that gives their users an opportunity to hold a giveaway. Amazon then administers and ships the prize(s) for the winner. Giveaways can range from big-ticket items like gaming systems and televisions to smaller ticket items like posture correcting harnesses and skincare products.

The draw of holding a giveaway through Amazon is that they handle shipping the product, and with Amazon’s known reliability of shipping you know you’ll be receiving the product promised in a timely matter.

You do need to sign up for an Amazon account in order to either set up a giveaway or take part as a contestant in a giveaway. Amazon accounts are free and you do not need to have Prime to participate. This also makes it easier to receive the product because with each Amazon count registered, it’s mandatory to have a shipping address.

What Sorts of Prizes Can You Win?

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Prizes available on Amazon Giveaways can range from big-ticket items like televisions, gaming systems, furniture, and electronic items to lower ticket items like crepe makers, water flossers, and hair cream. As you can see from this spread, there aren’t many products Amazon doesn’t have currently available on their Giveaways. New to the Giveaway platform is the incentive to give your customers a percentage off of the product they are entering to win. Should they not win the product, they can still purchase it for a discounted price by entering in the giveaway.

10 Tips and Tricks for How to Win an Amazon  Giveaway

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One of the first and seemingly obvious ways to win a giveaway is to start participating. It can be discouraging if you’re not being strategic in your giveaway entries and keep getting declined time and time again as a winner. But don’t stop entering! With this guide on how to win Amazon giveaways, you’ll be equipped to enter and have a higher chance of winning each time you participate.

Participate Early, but Not Too Early

One of the most overlooked tips when learning how to win Amazon giveaways is when to participate.

Keep in mind that with bigger ticket items like PlayStation consoles or iPads, they will elicit a higher response of participation, so your chances of winning are greater the earlier you participate.

Keep in mind that there are four types of giveaways: random instant win, sweepstakes/drawing, lucky number instant win (where the nth entrant wins), and fist come, first served. Out of these four types of giveaways, the first three – random instant win, sweepstakes/drawing, and lucking number instant win, are the most common.

Notice what type of giveaway you’re participating in and use your best judgment when participating. If the giveaway is a lucky number instant win, and the prize goes to the 3,000th entrant, it could take days to get there. If it’s a big screen TV and the lucky number is 3,000, it could only take an hour. Note that participating immediately after the giveaway launches in either circumstance won’t win you anything.

Be Strategic about Your Time

Amazon giveaways operate like a contest, and the sponsor that is holding the giveaway is not going to offer a free product without getting something in return. Some giveaways require you to watch a video or tweet about the company/product. Are you willing to watch a video for two minutes for a $25 item that has 1 in 10,000 odds? Or would your time be better spent tweeting about a product for a $300 item that has 1 in 3,000 odds of producing a winner? With the second option, not only are your odds greater, but you’ll have more time to enter other giveaways.


If you are participating in a contest with lower odds of winning, make sure you read all the details of the contest. Is it a lucky number instant win where the 10,000th participant wins? Is it a random instant win where everyone has the same odds? This will tell you when the best time to participate is in order to increase your odds.

Don’t be in a hurry and you will actually increase your odds of winning because you’re taking your time to find out which contests are worth your time.


When it comes to the random instant win giveaways, the products that are being given away with odds of 1 in 50 or less produce winners quickly than say, 1 in 1,000 or even 1 in 10,000. You have to look at this list multiple times a day in order to win because of how quickly they turn over. Make sure you’re refreshing your browser often or set a schedule to check the page throughout the day. You can even use an auto refresher on most browsers.


Finding a site with an odds filter for giveaways can be super helpful in increasing your odds of winning. If you want to know how to win Amazon giveaways, this is probably our most helpful tip. First, use the odds filter to show you the lowest number of entries accepted as well as filtering by the oldest entries first. This will help you with both these categories of giveaways: random instant win, and lucky number instant win.


A giveaway’s timing is super important when finding out how to win Amazon giveaways. For instance, if it’s very late at night or early in the morning when most of the population is asleep, you’re obviously increasing your odds of winning by participating when not that many people are conscious. Also, when you see that a winner has been chosen, take a look at the other giveaways you’re participating in with similar odds – they may have a winner coming up soon and that person could be you.

Don't Get Attached

We both know odds aren’t in your favor to win. The odds aren’t in anybody’s favor. If they were, the sponsors giving away products would go bankrupt. Know this: you will enter time and time again and seldom win.

The trick to this is to not let it get to you. It’s easy to get attached after spending hours on end entering and not winning. That’s why we created this article about how to win Amazon giveaways—to help ease the frustration by helping you increase your odds and hopefully win something sooner rather than later.


You can sign up through sites to receive Amazon Giveaway alerts to your inbox not only for certain products but also for value amounts and whatever odds you’re looking for. If you do this and you’re mobile, set up your email to push notifications on your mobile device so that you never miss a giveaway, and stay close to WiFi!

​Know the Rules

Probably the most important lesson you’ll learn through learning how to win Amazon giveaways is that the rules often change. Go to to read the updated rules from time to time to make sure you have the most recent information possible.

How to Win Amazon Giveaways - Conclusion

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Plainly said, playing the odds will help you learn how to win Amazon giveaways and be successful at them. Again, don’t get discouraged by not winning—it is a free contest after all! Overall the Amazon giveaway platform is a fun way to take part in a contest to win items in that you otherwise would have not won. By their list of products available, it’s also a way to save on items that you may have been in the market to purchase, anyway.

If you have a lot of free time on your hands or work a job that allows you the flexibility to check the Amazon giveaways website time and time again each day, go of it and enter to win the smartest way you know how. We hope you have found some useful information and have learned how to win Amazon giveaways the smartest way possible!