How To Get Free Stuff Online

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Tons of websites offer free stuff online called freebies. These can range from free food to scratch tickets, and everything in between. However, not all the free things you find online are worth your time. Some freebies may even be scams looking for access to your information, so it’s important to know how to get free stuff the right way.

This guide will cover everything you need to know on how to get free stuff online, from the freebies available to ways to avoid scams. We have even listed various websites and companies that offer free stuff to make it easier for you to get started.

What Type Of Free Stuff Can You Find Online?

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There is nothing better than getting free stuff. You might love freebies, but not all freebies are worth loving. Apart from understanding how to get free stuff online, it’s useful to know what free items are available. The sky is the limit for finding free stuff online, and the list of items you can get goes on and on. Here are common examples of freebies:


Food in the form of samples and promotions are common types of free stuff available online. There are restaurants like Arby’s who offer a free Roast Beef Classic sandwich with the purchase of a drink when you sign up to their email list. The DD Perks program from Dunkin Donuts offers a free beverage on your birthday when you sign up. You can also get many other samples like free granola bars, pancakes, coffee beans, and more through online sign-ups.

National Park Access

There are free days every year when the National Park Service offers free admission to national parks, historical sites, and monuments. For instance, 2018 had, Veterans Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Public Land Day, and the first day of National Park Week as the freebie days. These free days change every year, and you can stay updated online.

Baby Diapers

Freebies are generally offered by a brand when they want to promote their products. Baby diaper and wipe bundles are great for letting new parents know about a fresh brand on the market. Some brands might send you free trial boxes to get hands-on experience. Many online sellers add a freebie at checkout. These freebies may include an actual product or free shipping.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another popular giveaway item, especially by more established brands like Au Bon Pain. Giving out free products like mugs helps brands support their environmental initiative by reducing the use of plastic cups. All you need to do to get most of these offers is probably to subscribe to the brand’s rewards or frequent buyer programs.

Beauty Products and Consultations

Many beauty companies commonly give away products from lip gloss to eyeshadow and mascara as freebies. You might have received perfume samples or makeup samples while shopping around the mall. However, you can get the same freebies from the convenience of your home.

Brands like Sephora Beauty Products keep coming up with promotional offers where you can get your choice of a free beauty kit. You can even try out free beauty consultations at your local Aveda. Make sure you ask for the trial size samples of skincare products from your favorite beauty companies.

How To Get Free Stuff Online And Avoid Freebie Scams

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There are many online websites and many other brands that offer freebies as part of promotions or as a strategy to make you sign up to their subscriber list or something else. Knowing how to get free stuff is the easy part, but getting the right stuff is where you need to put in some thought. You need to be careful while choosing free offers because a freebie scam can end up costing you. Here are tips on avoiding scams:

Avoid Over the Top Free Stuff

If a freebie is too good to be true, then it probably is a scam or a fake. The first rule of how to get free stuff online is that most free stuff should not be worth a huge amount. Occasionally, you might find a good deal and get your hands on something worth more.

A popular freebie scam on the internet includes offering gift cards worth $$ or more to popular stores and restaurants. These offers may pop up anywhere. They can show up in your email, as ads on websites, or through sharing on social media. However, these are usually scams and should be avoided. You will never receive the gift card, and your personal information will probably be jeopardized.

It’s always a good idea to research an offer before you reach out to the company or sponsor.

Freebies Are Supposed to Be Free

Never pay for getting free stuff. The whole point of how to get free stuff is that the items should be free and if any brand wants you to pay for a freebie, then do not request it, regardless of how they spin it. Numerous freebie scams ask you to pay a small amount of money as “shipping and handling” or a “processing fee.” The scam artists will run when they have collected enough money, never once giving you a freebie.

Some freebie scams might get you to sign up for their “free trial offer” to several online services to get you free stuff. Avoid these scams at all costs because they are notorious for stealing credit card information. You might not be able to cancel the trial subscriptions and end up with recurring charges.

Only Use Reliable Websites

There are a lot of free samples from big companies like Kraft and Walmart. These big companies have the money to give you the free samples, and they want you to try their products, hoping you will buy them. Always cross check free stuff. If a freebie for a Walmart product is being offered, then make sure it is listed on the Walmart website. Mostly, a company won’t provide a freebie that isn’t listed on their website.

Smaller businesses or new brands in the market might offer freebies to promote their brand increase brand awareness. However, these will mostly be low-cost items like small sample sizes or a travel mug. Sign up with a freebie community to learn about real offers from people who openly post and discuss on these forums. Many people are interested in how to get free stuff online and happy to share their strategies.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another popular giveaway item, especially by more established brands like Au Bon Pain. Giving out free products like mugs helps brands support their environmental initiative by reducing the use of plastic cups. All you need to do to get most of these offers is probably to subscribe to the brand’s rewards or frequent buyer programs.

Limit the Information You Share

Never give away personal information you are not comfortable sharing. There is a lot of free stuff online, and you can afford to pass over a few offers.

Most freebies require limited information like your name and address. Asking for limited information is acceptable because they have to mail you the free items. You should pass on an offer that requires irrelevant information like your social security number or banking information. Many times a company might request your phone number and email address. Companies that ask for this and not more personal information aren’t trying to scam you; the brand might want to follow-up and request a product review.

Websites And Companies That Offer Free Stuff

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You need to find the right sites if you want to master how to get free stuff online. Here are legit companies that offer freebies:

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the easiest ways to get free stuff online. You can earn points by doing things online like playing video games, watching videos, taking surveys, and more. You can also get a $ bonus for just signing up at Inbox Dollars. You can then trade your points for gift cards to your favorite stores.


Swagbucks is like Inbox Dollars and is another leading company that offers free stuff for doing things you probably already do online. You can earn points for shopping, watching videos, and taking surveys among other things. You can get many gift cards with the points you have received to stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Target among hundreds more. You can also have the points transferred to your PayPal account.

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times shares information on coupons, money-saving deals, and contests at local stores. They also have a comments section, which is a great learning tool that lets you verify from real people whether the free samples are worth it.

The name says it all, and the website is updated every 24 hours to give you the most updated access to free samples. They have free sample offerings for everything from cleaning products, coffee, pet food, health products, and much more. The site also has shared coupons for getting free drinks at national chain restaurants and coupons for grocery stores. They also have a dedicated corner that helps you understand how to get free stuff online.


Freeflys is another popular freebie site that has earned a feature on The Today Show. Freeflys offers free samples such as beauty products, health samples, food samples, and more. They share hundreds of coupons and sweepstakes entries on a daily basis. You can browse for free without signing up or sign up to receive daily emails about free samples and other deals.


By knowing how to get free stuff online, you can score coupons, samples, promotional products, sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways. Giving out free stuff is a booming concept because it gives retailers a chance to expand their market by making consumers more aware of their brand. By mastering the art of how to get free stuff you can cash in on this retail strategy. Just make sure you follow the tips in this post on how to avoid scams.