HGTV Sweepstakes: A Comprehensive Guide

HGTV Sweepstakes: A Comprehensive Guide

HGTV is a leader in home decoration and lifestyle and are widely popular via their television network and magazine publication. In 2015, the channel earned their highest rated year ever coming in at #8 on the list of top 10 cable networks and attracts the one of the most upscale and affluent audiences on cable television. No matter your home decor or design preference… it is likely they have a show, blog post, or article dedicated to this style. They offer DIY tips, house-hunting, travel or second home shows, green homes, tiny houses, kitchen remodels, front porch exterior designs, cabin interior, or literally any other home and garden decor hobby and interest you can imagine. It plays a significant role in empowering its fans on the various ways to improve their home environment.

HGTV Sweepstakes and Giveaways Overview

A beautiful home environment is something many people strive to achieve. While everyone wants their dream home – whether that be for social image, peace of mind, family happiness, or whatever other reason – many people cannot afford all the remodels and renovations they would like. Or don’t have the design eye of a pro to even know where to start!

As an incentive to their highly valued fans, HGTV usually has sweepstakes for fans to win cash rewards and even elegant homes. For one to get into the sweepstakes, one simply needs to place a number of mail-in and online entries from their site View Current HGTV Sweepstakes here.

An Overview of Sweepstakes

HGTV has made it easy to apply for their sweepstakes through their website. They are constantly running a variety of sweepstakes and giveaways, making it simple to enter, get additional details, and understand the rules. Once you login into the site you will see a list of the homes and other rewards which are open for entries. You can also sign-up for reminders so you never miss a chance to win one of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: These sweepstakes cost 0 to enter but offer timeless and priceless value to the winner. (Unless you choose to mail-in your entries in which you would pay for your stamps)

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The 3 Most Popular HGTV Home Giveaway Contests

The following three HGTV giveaways are the most popular on the network. You can also keep up to date with all the past and present sweepstakes at HGTV’s blog here:

1. HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

hgtv dream home contestThe Dream Home: This is a luxury home built by experts in this particular field. This contest series begun in 1997. The professionals have learned the best practices in the home industry and this is one of their unique products and is highly anticipated annually. In 2016, the stunning remodel of the home is now valued at over $1.5 million. This home also showcased and came complete with the rethought and redesigned 2016 GMC Acadia Denali.

The HGTV Dream Home 2017 is open for entries starting December 28. Located in St. Simons Island, Georgia, this home project is being designed and constructed by some of the best experts in the industry such as Brian Partrick Flynn (Designer), Michael Stauffer (Architect). This particular home is built with a spacious living space with 3,200 sq. feet. You can view the before and after photos as well as keep up-to-date with the dreamhome makeover on their website.

2. Urban Oasis Sweepstakes

hgtv urban oasis 2014
HGTV Urban Oasis Dining Room in Atlanta, Georgia – 2014

The Urban Oasis: Usually this is a craftsman designed home. In the 2016 sweepstake, the home is located in Ann Arbour, Michigan. This retreat home was highly contested…coming with an additional cash reward of $50,000! Unfortunately, the entries to this price have since then been closed. However, this is an annual contest and will likely run again in 2017, 2018, 2019, and so on. There are still many other prizes are up for grabs for fans to take advantage of in the meantime. See the beautiful Ann Arbour home here.

3. HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes

smart-homeThe Smart Home Sweepstakes: This is usually a well designed, technologically savvy but absolutely beautiful home ideal for a family. It is best known for its unique aesthetics and high-tech features which has become increasingly popular as the internet of things continues to advance. The 2016 smart home is located in Raleigh, NC. Winners for this home were recently chosen, but as previously mentioned you can make sure you are always updated on the available sweepstakes by subscribing for the alerts on their site. The alerts also assist in reminding one to place entries for the available homes. It is important to note that the 2017 Dream Home entries close on 28 December.

HGTV Home Giveaways Offer Other Prizes Too:

What makes HGTV home giveaway sweepstakes so great is that not only do you have the chance at winning an absolutely stunning home free of charge, but you can also win money too! Each of these prize packages usually are valued at over 1 million. Most of the winners will win a home, a car or other perk, and cash. Sometimes, people opt-in for cash prizes instead of taking the home as well. Some of the additional packages that have been given out in the past include:

  • HGTV 25 000 Sweepstakes

    • 25000 in $$$ along with the home. This offer has been given during other contests as well. It’s a nice perk and worth trying to get!
  • HGTV 500000 Sweepstakes

    • 50000 in $$$ along with the home. Sometimes this offer is also available for other sweepstakes they run.
  • GMC Car or other vehicle

    • A brand new car along with house or as an associated prize.
  • Doggie Dream Home

    • For your furry friend to live lavish as well.
  • Boat

    • For waterfront home.
  • Furnishings

    • If you don’t want the house but like some of the interior.

You don’t always have to live in the home forever. You can sell it, too. Sometimes, people don’t take the offer because even though they’d love to live in the home it is impractical and beyond their needs or will end up paying way more in taxes anyway.. When this occurs, the rights to the house are retained to HGTV for tours and selling.

HGTVsweepstakesfinalAccess HGTV Sweepstakes Entry Forms, Details, Photos, Videos, and More

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Want to take part in these amazing sweepstakes and get your chance at these prizes? Or would you like additional information? You can find all that and more below.

HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes Entry Form and Guidelines

The Dream Home Sweepstakes guidelines, form, and more can be found here:

HGTV Urban Oasis Sweepstakes Entry Form and Guidelines

The Urban Oasis Sweepstakes guidelines, form and more can be found here:

HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes Entry Form and Guidelines

The Smart Home Sweepstakes guidelines, form and more can be found here:

Past HGTV Sweepstake Winnerskitchen-hgtv

HGTV has revolutionized how people perceive the property industry. Most of the reality shows on the TV offer valuable insights on the things a buyer or a seller of a property should take into consideration. For people looking forward to improving their living space, it offers great advice. With the trend of the property market whereby most people are acquiring assets, this program is bound to become more popular and more educative. For front door inspiration, color palette ideas, or if you just feel like looking at some gorgeous and innovative homes, check out the past winners here.

Past HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes Homes and Apartments

View here: HGTV DreamHouse 2016 Sweepstakes Merritt Island, FL

View here: HGTV DreamHouse 2015 Sweepstakes Martha’s Vineyard, MA

View here: HGTV DreamHouse 2014 Sweepstakes – Lake Tahoe, CA

View more DreamHomes here

Past HGTV Urban Oasis Sweepstakes Homes and Apartments

Matt Blashaw HGTV Urban Oasis host
Urban Oasis host Matt Blashaw | Source: University of Michigan

View here: HGTV UrbanOasis 2015 Sweepstakes Asheville, NC

View here: HGTV UrbanOasis 2014 Sweepstakes – Atlanta, GA

View more Urban Oasis Homes here

Past HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes Homes and Apartments

View here: HGTV SmartHome 2015 Sweepstakes Austin, TX

View here: HGTV SmartHome 2014 Sweepstakes – Nashville, TN

View more Smart Homes here

How HGTV Chooses A Winner and Additional Entry Details

couple in front of one-family house in modern residential areaTo place an entry, you have to be an American resident or a resident of the particular country where the show is broadcasted. Odds of winning depend on amount of entrants. For example, in 2013 there were over 77 million entries for the dream home. This may sound like a lot, but in 2016 there were over 127 million! Each contest has different guidelines, which can be found above. Additionally, you usually need to be 21 years or older to enter. To increase your odds of winning these awesome homes, you are advised to place as many entries as possible within the given dates.

The process of choosing a winner then is similar to the lottery. It consists of bins devised into random numbers and then narrowed down with random drawings using a hopper. From the lucky bin, the winner is chosen. They ensure fairness with authoritative oversight. They have improved and made this process more efficient throughout the years.

Other Notable HGTV Sweepstakes You May Have Heard Of

25 Grand in Your Hand: HGTV 25 000 Sweepstakes 2014

HGTV's Property Brothers
HGTV’s Property Brothers

Throughout 2014, HGTV offered 25k to grand prize winners who watched TV Shows that had secret code words in them. Entrants would watch Property Brothers, Love It or List It, Flip or Flop, etc, and enter the hidden word. These went on for specific shows and specific time frames. Some of these were one time offers, others had multiple opportunities.

Blog Cabin Giveaway via DIY Network, HGTV’s Sister Network

Usually runs from late summer to early fall.

HGTV Green Home Giveaway

This is what the Smart Home Giveaway was formally known as.

More About HGTV Network and HistoryHGTV logo

The HGTV television programs have been gracing the American airwaves since the year 1994 when it was launched. Since then it has covered various important aspects of home building and construction, architectural designs, landscaping, gardening, home remodeling and redesigning. To date, the TV has penetrated the international markets by getting launched in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Their sister company is DIY Network and they are owned by Scripps Network Interactive. HGTV used to own FrontDoor, which was a real estate site similar to Zillow where you could see homes value and pictures.

Some of the shows available on HGTV include:

  • House Hunters

    HGTV's flip or flop hosts
    Tarek and Christina – Hosts of HGTV’s Flip or Flop
  • House Hunter International
  • House Hunters Renovation
  • Fixer Upper
  • Flip or Flop
  • Beachfront Bargain Hunt
  • Ellen’s Design Challenge
  • Brother vs. Brother
  • Property Brothers
  • Love it or List it
  • Holmes Inspection

All of the above shows are based on reality. For example, House Hunters usually identify a person interested in buying a property. With the help of a real estate agent, the show moves around with the buyer as he seeks to find his or her ideal home. In the process, they identify three potential properties. With the assistance of the expert, the buyer settles down on one home. After some time the show comes back to find out how the person or the family is settling in their new place and capture their real authentic reactions

In the process, the audience is exposed to different types of properties. As the expert advises the property buyer, the audience is also educated on the various factors to consider when buying a home. At the end, the show is both entertaining and educative to the audience.

HGTV has introduced live streaming. This is in pursuit of empowering a wider audience on tips and knowledge on selling, buying or even improving their homes. To diversify their streaming avenues they have reached out to media outlets such as:

  • Hulu: Hulu subscribers can now watch a number of episodes from HGTValthough some past house and hunters episodes are not available.
  • Netflix: Netflix subscribers can now stream episodes from Holmes Inspection, Love it or List it, and property brothers.
  • HGTV App: They have also come up with an app that will help their audiences to stream live their favorite shows and to ensure a constant touch with the audience.
  • Sling TV: with a meager $20 subscription, Sling TV audience have all the HGTV shows at their fingertips
  • Finally one can download particular episodes from Amazon or YouTube.