Sears “Shop Your Way Rewards” Monthly Sweepstakes 2012

Sears "Shop Your Way Rewards" Monthly Sweepstakes
Win (1 of 10) Monthly $10,000 Sears Prizes
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Sweepstakes Prize(s): MONTHLY SWEEPSTAKES PRIZES (A Total of Ten Monthly Sweepstakes Prize Winners/ One Monthly Sweepstakes Prize Winner for each Monthly Sweepstakes): Each Monthly Sweepstakes Winner will receive a Monthly Sweepstakes Prize which will be advertised on the Website. Monthly Sweepstakes Prizes will differ from month to month as advertised on the Website and through other media. The ARV of each Monthly Sweepstakes Prize will not exceed $10,000. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each Monthly Sweepstakes Winner will have the option of foregoing the advertised Monthly Sweepstakes Prize and receiving instead $10,000 in Award Cards; awarded as two $5,000 Award Cards. Total ARV of each Monthly Sweepstakes Prize is $10,000 and of all ten Monthly Sweepstakes Prizes is $100,000.

SWEEPSTAKES GRAND PRIZE: The Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner will receive one $500 Award Card.

Sweepstakes Expires: January 31, 2012

Sweepstakes Minimum Age: 13 years and older

Sweepstakes Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency: Monthly


  1. This link seems to have expired.

  2. Roberta Powell says:

    I wrote them to see where the problem lies.

  3. Jenny S.Sellers says:

    This website will not let enter sweepstake.It states unavailable

  4. The “enter sweepstakes” section is still unavailable….What’s up????

  5. why am I not able to enter the sweepstakes.

  6. Paul R.Fekany says:

    It is impossible to access your sweeps site. What a ripoff!!! Is this a Sears deal or a K-mart thing? Why should I shop at a store that promotes fake rewards?

  7. Margaret Garner says:

    Plenty fo registers open. .No long lines. Smiling and hlepful/knowledgable
    cashier. I rate Store 7067 Aplus

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