Oprah Magazine Dream Big Cash Sweepstakes 2014

Oprah Magazine Dream Big Cash Sweepstakes 2014
Win a $100,000 Check
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Sweepstakes Prize(s): One (1) Grand Prize: $100,000 Check

Sweepstakes Expires: January 31st, 2014

Sweepstakes Minimum Age: 13 years and older

Sweepstakes Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency: Daily


  1. linda marie welling says:

    i am so broke and penniless i am the one whom sure could use a some sweet cash especially for the holidays..good luck to all..

  2. We are raising 2 grandsons 12 & 14. We are buying a 1999 Doublewide from our daughter & son-inlaw. We sold our home in Va., to be closer to other grandkids. We had no idea that things would go the way they have. The well started going out ,rusting up right away, in the summer of 08 the central air went out, we are in SW Arkansas, so it can get really warm, we bought air-conditioners to keep cool. We use 5 of them, electric bill can run high. The roof leaks over the Master bath which has caused a Mold problem. The iron in the water has ruined the 2nd. bathroom, the pipes are rusted out, so 4 of us use 1 shower, a little inconvenient. we cannot drink the rust water, we’ve tried filtering the water, but it gets costly. We have 1 income that barely makes ends meet. By the time we pay bills & buy groceries, we are broke.

  3. This would be awesome.

  4. First I would give a portion of my winnings away, and then get my teeth fixed.

  5. Thank you for giving us a chance to win money to pay our medical bills and other bills we have been married 31yrs and our marriage has been through it all our 8yr old daughter passed away 2004 from an illness and our son was stillborn,My husband has type 2 diabetic and the neuropathy has went to his hands ,feet back arms and his eyes are getting worse have a lot of medical bills and now I got hurt on job and they are talking surgery on shoulder and spine.We pray together everyday and cry together trying hard to get thru this.Thankful that I still have 1 daughter and she gave me 2 granddaughters whom we love very much.We worry when we have to go to Doctors if we are going to break down in our 2001 Subaru with 150000 miles and we broke down!If I was to win this money it would take a lot of stress off of us not only that we lost our home so now we are living in a mobile home paying rent.Please Pray for us and Thank you for everything,God Bless You!

  6. Thank you for giving us a chance to win God Bless You!!!

  7. It’s a lot of us poor broke people and all of us are made a wrong turn oblige that put us ware we are,or because of children illness,all kind of mishaps bu whoever wins,this will be your chance to start fresh,so I pray you get it right.UFO won I would hire a lawyer to help me to see my one and onle granddaughter It’s been two years. I didn’t do anything wrong. Treated her like a daughter I have two sons,one grand life has not been fair to alot of use.God bless the one that wins.

  8. Angela Tyson says:

    After being married for almost 30years and 4kids .i find myself broke and homeless.my husband decided he wanted someone younger. Give up the house.
    thank god the kids were old enough to fend for themselves. I decided to go back to school; something I have always wanted to do. I feel extremely tired and could use some TLC..its hard but,I know I can do it.

  9. Well not as long now as it had been, still alot of us dealing with the same old problems, or worse or not so bad one, just the Same praying for a blessing to come our way,so pray on it gets better. We all want to win.

  10. My great aunt lost her husband a year ago. She has a daughter my age who is so far out in her addiction that she can not maintain a job, a home, or a spouse. My great aunt is old, retired, and grieving, yet her daughter still lives at home with her three children (17, 14, and 10). It’s sad watching how my cousins treat her. Her own daughter mooches off of her and expects her to raise her children for her, and she does out of the goodness in her heart. My great aunt is the kindest, most humble person I know, and for that reason alone, she deserves to win this money. I know that it’s a one in a million chance, but she is a one in a million type of woman.

  11. I like this sweepstakes I would like to win .Thank You

  12. To be honest we enter because we need,This is like our last chance of hope,so whoever wins I pray you put it to good use, God bless.

  13. Shanique Robinson says:

    Hey O, my name is Shanique Robinson,38yr. Old single mother of one growing 18yr.old young man my prayer is to one day be financially stable to own my first home you see that is one thing I haven’t been fortunate yet to obtain but one day in prayer and God’s will. And maybe yours Ms. O you have the power to pay it forward good wishes to all.

  14. gisele humphery says:

    hi my name is gisele humphery, i moved in my new home 2-14-2013, and i am so thankful for my home, there is so much i need to do, and verrrrrrry little money to do it, plus i’m still trying to pay old bills, keep my old car running, get my senior son out of high school (grades/senior dues : ( ) my daughter tries to help out and i love her for that, but she has a daughter of her own and she has’nt got her a bed yet for her bedroom. i took a leap of faith when i starting the home buying process, you know; my credit was a mess, but i prayed and did everything they ask me to do conserning paper work and information they needed, and finally i closed. i was so happy, but now all i seem to do is worry about money and how i’m going to pay bills. so here i am ms. winfrey, taking another leap of faith.

  15. Honestly I’ve lost so much these past few years, while in highschool i lost my sister to an auto immune disease she was only 29 years old I watched her deteriorate for 6 long years. There wasnt a thing in the world the doctors could do because of her rare blood type and the fact that someone with her blood type would have to die in order for her to live its heart breaking. I helped my mom take care of her while trying to jugle highschool it was hard i fell behind in my studies and dropped out because i wanted to be there as much as i could for my sister my bestfried, but i do not regret dropping out i was helping my mom with every little thing she ever needed while tending to my sister it’d be nice to gain for once in this life.

  16. Kimberly Wood says:

    Thanks for the chance to win as a divorced single parent of a child with autism I have been struggling and this would help me/us out so much!!!! I could pay on my bills and buy a reliable vehicle and have some money to live on and maybe a little to save.

  17. I would love to win Thank you

  18. Dale Martin says:

    I am a widow since 40 andhave struggled to provide for my family. I have 2 jobs and the mother of 2 adult sons living at home. One is disabled and the other is unemployed.

    MaybeI can quit one if I win. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  19. Jean Stringer says:

    To be able to pay my bills, buy a travel trailer or cabin type storage shed and fix it up and put it on a piece of land where I could have a garden would be so great. I’d buy a small used truck and go to the dentist. The rest of the money would go to Uncle Sam and donated to the Guardian Shelter for abused women and children.

  20. Dale Martin says:

    Oprah is awesome! Generous, talented and a beautiful person!

  21. Devese Taylor says:

    My name is Devese and im 22 and I love the show and I have two boys a 5 year old and a 2 year old me and my girlfriend have been together for six years. If we win i would buy her and my kids a wonderful home and to give them things I never had.I just don’t want them to struggle like we do every day.

  22. My name is Mariana , I want to restart my life . My husband passed away of March 2013 and I also lost our home, this past year has been a nightmare I just need help to move on after 28 years of marriage it’s been hard but look forward to a happier life. Thank you

  23. Well, I’m finally done with all sweepstake. Yes, i entered oprah winfrey
    100,000 sweepstakes, but as usually, once again, not a winner. I kinda
    figured that though. I’m not white, so what was i thinking. lol

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