LAY’S Do Us A Flavor Choose Your Chip Contest 2014

LAY'S Do Us A Flavor Choose Your Chip Contest 2014
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Contest Prize(s): One (1) Grand Prize: Winner shall be entitled to receive the greater of:
(a) One percent (1%) of the Net Sales* of the Grand Prize Winner’s Finalist Flavor for the period July 1, 2014 through July 1, 2015;
(b) $1,000,000. Awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner. ARV: $1,000,000.

Finalist Prizes (3): $50,000, awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner. ARV: $50,000 each.

Total guaranteed ARV of all prizes is $1,150,000.00.

Contest Expires: April 5th, 2014

Contest Minimum Age: 18 years and older (19 or Older where state law requires)

Contest Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Contest Entry Type: Create a Potato Chip Flavor


  1. I think wavy smoked-jerky would be a excellent flavor.

  2. Josh Battees says:

    beer chips not wavy and bourbon chicken wavy.

  3. Valerie Jackson says:

    I would like to see salty caramel apples chips.

  4. potato salad is everyone’s favorite at a party or family gatherings..why not have the flavor in a chip by lay’s….AND I BET YOU CAN’T EAT JUST ONE!!

  5. Kelly Holton says:

    I think loaded baked potato chips with cheese bacon and sourcream flavor would be yummy. I also think hot wing and blue cheese chips would taste yummy too.

  6. I would like to see a peanut butter and Jelly on a wavy chip ,,This would be a neat kinda chip to go with lunches and snacks .

    and if I could have a second choice to add for the spice lover ,,,,,I would ask for a curry chicken kettle chip ….Hope one of these fits your taste buds ..

  7. im really trying to get creative thinking up new flavors for the contest…its a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless..seems like a new idea just keeps popping up for me.

  8. fry conch favorl lays chip with hot sauce andmustard

  9. fry conch flavor lays chip with hot sauce andmustard

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  11. I can’t get into the contest thru the suggested route, so this will have to do.
    Spicy Cajun Boiled Shrimp.

  12. Bernadine DeLap says:

    Rules won’t let me get on to enter the contest unless I have Chrome or Firefly and I don’t have them…too bad, I have a winner!!!!!!

  13. Jacinda Beene says:

    Hot Pickles flavor

  14. Jacinda Beene says:

    Smoked bar b que

  15. Fiona Garvey says:

    i think salted mustarrd pretzel sounds good. Also Apple sauce

  16. Jerry Tidwell says:

    I think that Fried Green Tomatos would be the ideal thing for chips!

  17. Dorothy Perry says:

    what about Bacon & garlic, Bacon & chipolet or Bacon garlic & chipolet

  18. Ronda martinez says:

    Humus chips yumm a garden or garlic humus

  19. fried bacon chips- hot tamale chips – bread an butter chips -shrimp dip chips – olive chips – hush puppies chips – corn bread chips -enchiladas chips -tabasco sauce chips -macaroni an cheese chips – corning dog chips- fajhita chips. thanks for looking

  20. chicken noodle soup chips – sweet potatoe chips – fried mushroomchips -carrot chips – broccoli chips – broccoli au gratin chips – french dressing chips thanks

  21. Judi Osborne says:

    I think cucumber and onion would be a good one.

  22. Alexis Flournoy says:

    I would like to do buffalo wings flavor on wavy

  23. kylie jenkins says:

    i think it sould be jamblaya or birth day cake

  24. Marsha crawford says:

    Do a state fair chip series: mini donut, corn dog, Carmel apple.
    Do a Mexican chip series: tapatio, tamale sweet and savory, churro.
    Do an Asian chip series: Ginger, soy, sesame, cilantro

  25. Doreen Ohara says:

    I think the name your lays should be about the chip as the main ingredient, I think My Susie Cream cheese would be yummy

  26. Dee McDermott says:

    I liked Caramel Pecan Praline or Pina Coloda or Smoked Mozzarella.

  27. Christina cottrell says:

    Do a fiery hot wing for the hot fans.
    Do a caramel cheese cake.
    Do a potatoe chip trail mix.

  28. David Canty says:

    I think my chip’s can’t be denied! We all know potatoes is a meat substitute and if they taste like a snack you can eat them every day.

  29. Covet Cannon says:

    I ask the almighty to give me a flavor and he came back with Smoked Rubbed Hotdog, I also like Bar-B-Que Smoked Rubbed Hotdog can you imagine that a nice beef hotdog. I’m getting ready to cook me a couple of them for lunch.

  30. King lion Canty says:

    I have five flavor’s on point for A Million dollars.We all love & know snack N potatoes is a great way to have a burger-chips&,hotdog-chips,chicken or steak sandwich-chips.even seafood or just a quick taste bud and belly pleaser, a good chip is all we need until we get to a let’s see if the people agree with my tasty treats. You can’t eat just one!

  31. Hello, I have been trying to post a couple of entries for the Lays Do us A Flavor Contest 2014 since January… I kept getting “ooops – sorry lost connection error”. He they are – Fried Green Tomato; Sweet Potato w/Cinnamon&Sugar; Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Pesto. I’m sure many others would like to see these flavors at their supermarket in the future…

  32. I think I have a pretty good idea for the new flavor that would be good for which ever type Lays the company will choose. I hope they’ll pick wavy to go with my flavor. Creamy horse radish and bacon would be excellent. It’s simple: For Bold Lays Wavy chips mix sour cream two parts to one part horse radish with bacon and for the Classic Lays chip it’s three parts sour cream to one part horse radish and bacon. Either way it would taste great.

  33. I think something like Indian spicy masala flavor or a nice Mexican chipotle flavor.
    Maybe Oreintal,Mediterrenean, European flavors. In other words International flavors.
    Or maybe a fusion taste (mixing different flavors in one great taste).

  34. How about a sweet and sour flavor

  35. Pizza flavor, cheesburger flavor , a well known fast food flavor.

  36. Canty family raise up says:

    We got the taste buds,we got the people power skills and the knowledge so spread the word THE KING LION CANTY CHIP’S are the best choices out there for the Million Dollar prize. Take a look at my chip selection of chips and pick one.Try One!

  37. I think cucumbers, onions and vinegar would be delicious!

  38. Eloise Susa says:

    I have over hundred flavors hoping one of them will be it few of them that I like are cheese garlic and parmesan touchdown taco dip and avocado feta salsa lots more to pick from hope you like vote for me please

  39. I put ideas in how will I no they under my name.

  40. I think Boston baked bean flavor would sell….who doesn’t like them them at a barbeque!!! I dip my lays chips in them or crumble lays chips on a hotdog with baked beans on it. Yum

  41. MILDRED FLOOD says:


  42. Linda Young says:

    I think sea salt and licorice would be a great flavour.

  43. this would be a great flavor chikettie kick:)

  44. deb zahara says:

    the best flavour is chocolate lays potato chip try it chocolate and regular potato chips awsome

  45. the hot wings regular potatoes chip are a great idea everyone loves hot wings

  46. Patricia Smith says:

    Let’s try saurkraut and wieners for our next chips.

  47. Beer Cheese (soup) on regular chips

  48. Marissa (Miss FAMOUS) says:

    What inspired me was my last day in Hawaii. I saw LAYS chips in the general gift store, and I thought I have to do this. It felt like my ticket to live in Hawaii if I won 1 million. My boyfriend and I really want to live there. He has been going on vacay there for 20 ish years now, and is now 25. This was my 3rd trip there so far… I am 27 and would like to move there before I am 30, ha. Well, so sorry for the long story, but I created about 10 flavors inspired by Maui. I believe Lei’s (meaning flower) for Lay’s, Lei’s Maui Onion Rings I think would be a good one… Press like please! Good luck to all.

  49. frances clark says:

    I’am 61 years of age, and I have eaten lays a better part of my life. Potatoes are very filling and healthy. I eat them seven days a week. I think everyone should eat some form of a potato at least three times a week

  50. Debbie gooch says:

    Blooming onion would be awsome!!

  51. I think a hot dog flavour could be interesting for the ripple chips. Also a popcorn chip would be a great snack, ever think of a salsa flavour…..?

  52. Pepperoni for the ripple chips

  53. I think that the new flavor should be mtndew,coco puffs,or quesadilla

  54. Some of the flavors that have been mentioned Frito Lay already has.

  55. Tony joe puzo says:

    I would say pulled pork flavor regular lays chips

  56. I have submitted almost four hundred flavors. I worked very hard at this , and I put in some good flavors. I really hope I win something.

  57. flavour :ketchup jalapeño mixed flavour

  58. I think I have submitted the best flavors and the least expensive chips to make.

  59. I hope I win something, but may the best man win, (so to speak}. Good luck to everyone.

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