HGTV Love It, List It, Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes 2012

HGTV Love It, List It, Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes 2012
Win (1 of 4) $50,000 Checks!!
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Sweepstakes Prize(s): Four (4) Grand Prizes: (1) per Weekly Entry Period: Each Grand Prize winner will receive (1) check for $50,000. ARV of each Grand Prize is $50,000.

Total value of all Grand Prizes: $200,000.

Sweepstakes Expires: July 31, 2012

Sweepstakes Minimum Age: 21 years and older

Sweepstakes Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency: Weekly Watch & Win

Entry is from Air of Show Monday night to 5:59AM Tuesday Morning


  1. Tavias Turner says:

    To whom it concerns,
    Why is this sweepstake saying that it is currently closed?

    Tavias Turner

  2. i thought this was until the end of july why why why why

  3. i’m watching tv right now and the code word is holiday , however i cannot open the entry form. 11/26/2012

  4. Merri Beth Dupras says:

    Tried several times to get entry form to come up Never did Says sweepstakes closed I watch love it it list as many times as possible Just wish I could enter holiday contest
    Thank you

  5. This is the second hgtv sweepstakes for which the link provided in e show doesn’t work. Come on hgtv!

  6. Can’t open the entry form either. Been sittiing here for ever trying. I went through the questions. Now they know everything about me but still not seen a place that ask for the code word. Guess I’m not entered.

  7. I have tried several sites to open the love it or list sweepstakes and it will not open. The word is holiday. If you are going to have a contest you should make sure the web page is available.

  8. I have been trying all evening trying to enter the Love It List it
    Watch It Win It Sweepstakes. It will not open. The only one that opens is the one that started in August and ends in September. Cannot open the site or the form. I have been watching HGTV since 8:00 pm EST, have gotten the clues, for what!!! I am an avid watcher of HGTV. If you are going to have a sweepstakes, please make sure your web page is working properly.

  9. I guess it is really cheap to advertise a sweepstakes that you don’t have to pay off! It is really irritating when you cannot enter the advertised contest.

  10. I have tryed to get to the entery form but it will not allow me in. I think you need to do some maintenance on your web site. I would like to enter.

  11. Is there a sweepstakes????? really come on!!!!!

  12. MARY Swofford says:

    DEC 3rd cannot open the form tonight, What’s Up

  13. Muriel Vargo says:

    I have been watching a new episode which says to enter the word gingerbread but can’t get to the entry form. If this sweepstakes closed in July why is it still being advertised that you can still enter and to enter the code name Gingerbread this evening??? What’s up with this???

  14. Exactly!!! I have been trying to find the place to enter GINGERBREAD for the last half hour! This is the first chance I have had to watch TV in weeks and I have wasted half of it surfing the net to try to enter this sweepstakes.

    HGTV – please fix this!

  15. it is deceitful to your viewers when you post a link that doesnt direct to where to enter the code. instead kept asking to fill out other stupid surveys that are not related. fix this hoax of a promotion…

  16. Hello,
    I have tried to enter your contest and filled out several but none were the one I thought. This is a big joke and some one is making big bucks and some one will win but it wont be any of us. We wont even get a chance. Mon night the word is Gingerbread and I have been watching for three hrs and I only saw one. Happy Holidays to you all that fell for it too. I have also been watching the other shows too with no luck.

  17. This must be a scame for you can not get in to where th promotion code is.All you get is SURVEYS and nothing to do with contest. I agree with ola & rickiy they said it much better than I did!!!!!!!!

  18. I just lost all respect for HGTV and Love It or List It. What a scam!

  19. I have tryed for months to enter “Love it, list it, watch it, win it. Does it really exist??
    Is this another SCAM???

  20. wow after reading all thes, reports. There is not a chance in heck, you can enter.
    I would think , you are pulling a fast one on all your viewers.
    and a neither thing. I’m so sick of House Hunters. and the million $ homes that, none of us can afford.
    Your programs,.have fallen to the bottom, of my list ,of things to watch.

  21. Well, everyone else has pretty much said what I found. No way to enter the code word – no way to participate in this sweepstakes. Bummer. Code word tonight, Dec 10, 2012 is FROSTING!

  22. If you look at the official rules it will direct you to the website that is the entry form. I just submitted. Good luck to you -although fingers crossed that I win! lol

  23. Donette Burey says:

    This is definitely a scam – HGTV has sunk to a new low!!! More boring shows than ever before. They have excluded most viewers with reasonable decorating budgets. Night after night nothing to watch!!

  24. says:

    I looked into this sweepstakes more after all the complaints. Here is the official entry url:

    It appears you are restricted on the the time frame for entering each week. i.e. It is closed for entry right now. I have emailed the HGTV marketing department to try to get a better clarification of the entry methods and to inform them of the issues everyone is having. strives to list only reputable and easy-to-enter sweepstakes but sometimes they end up being more complicated than needed. But we felt the prize value was worth listing the sweepstakes.

    I researched this more and found out the Entry is from Air of Show Monday night to 5:59AM Tuesday Morning.

  25. I really want to win the 50,000 dollars so we can move in to another house. and I watrch you all every day.

  26. Can’t reach the entry form.. What’s up with that HGTV?

  27. Elayne Evans says:

    Every time I try to enter,… I can’t find the love it or list it!
    I don’t want a survey
    I don’t want to enter publishers clearinghouse
    Please please HGTV make as simple as it sounds!
    We want to enter the $50,000 love it or list it, I’m exhausted
    Trying to find it, I’m signing off that’s all I can do,………please,….

  28. laquinta says:

    im watching it and the code is “love” but I cant get it to work :(. I wanna register.

  29. tried at least a dozen times last week and this week last week the code was LOVE and this week its LIST either way it does not matter since web site is not working. Love the show .HATE your sweepstaks site. too bad.

  30. If you read the directions it says entry Is from air show Monday night until 5:59 Tuesday morning, that’s the only time you can enter.

  31. tried again to see if problem was fixed NOT too bad this week the code is june to bad still can not enter contest

  32. Hey guys, I’m with all of you. I have tried on numerous occasions to log on & enter the code word but keep hitting into brick walls. This is either a scam or a very poorly organized sweepstakes! It is really unfortunate for those of us who are not only dedicated audiences but also those who could truly use the help to update or remodel completely!

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