DIY Network America’s Most Desperate Landscape SWeepstakes 2013

DIY Network America's Most Desperate Landscape SWeepstakes 2013
Win $50,000 Cash for a Landscaping Makeover
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Sweepstakes Prize(s): One (1) Grand Prize: $50,000 cash (awarded in the form of a check).

Total value: $50,000.

Sweepstakes Expires: May 30th, 2013

Sweepstakes Minimum Age: 21 years and older

Sweepstakes Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency: Daily


  1. my wife and myself take care of disabled son and it does not leave much money to make repaires or landscape they yard where we take him out to relax

  2. isurecanusethefifftythousanddollarsthisummer

  3. linda marie welling says:

    come on my landscaping is very important..if i win i for sure would fix up my yard,put in much needed pool so i could now afford a stay cation….

  4. Deb & Jeff says:

    Trying to rebuild after a total loss house fire. Winning this would be a prayer answered!!!

  5. Stephanie and Harold says:

    We bought the house that I grew up in but the backyard needs some serious help. My husband brings out the weed eater every year to cut down the 3 ft high weeds. In desperate need of a makeover. would love to be able to enjoy the backyard as I did when I was a kid. Would love to entertain but its is impossible with the yards current condition.

  6. Chelsey Campeau says:

    just bought a home and the yard is in very rough shape we have two boys age five and one year this would be amazing to win! Would love to be able to enjoy a yard with our two young boys and entertain this summer. Wont be able to do much this summer money is tight!

  7. We lost our house to a tornado in April of 2011 and while we rebuilt the landscaping is terrible. We lived in the middle of a pine plantation, so digging up stumps and getting rid of the trees literally broke us. Insurance paid for the house and tree removal for whatever landed on the house and garage, but nothing else. It literally has been the most horrific experience I have ever endured. Plus, I herniated a disc in my neck cleaning up after the tornado and had to have a cervical fusion and then tore my labrum in my shoulder moving back into our house. Help would be greatly appreciated!!

  8. LISA LABRIE says:

    We purchased a 212 year old farmhouse last summer that we fell in love with the 1st step in the much character and treasures found with every project.. starting in the yard that was poorly maintained and overgrown for years!! 1st thing.. we spent the summer and fall – cleaning out, weeding, trimming trees, and taking out the biggest rhododendron (15 ft high x 20 ft long!!) I have ever seen..which has revealed a rock wall that is falling apart and cracking the concrete slabs that support our living room..we have done all of the work ourselves so far.. w/o tools (not in the buget.. yet!..and are very proud of our accomplishments to making our yard better than it was..all the neighbors are happy to finally see progress.. so far as to yelling out their windows “LOOKING GOOD” as they pass by..if we were to win this prize..It would bring all the ideas and plans that would make our yard so beautiful!!.. to life :)

  9. Sarah Stutzman says:

    Hi my husband and I have moved into our house 3 years ago…. when we moved in the backyard looked like a secret garden with ivy growing everywhere and a huge row of 30 ft pine trees. However, there was a in ground pool in the midst of all of this luscious greenery which is also very old and in need of work. The worst part of the who thing is that the fence is falling apart and does not fence out the door from our house. We have an almost two year old and our expecting our 2nd baby next December….. We need help!!!!

  10. I purchased my houses about 1 1/2 it’s a nice corner house but the frontyard and backyard is not tractive is really plain nothing attractive, I have two teenegers
    And for me is really hard to do it all myself my husband passed 4 years ago
    I try my best to keep it at least clean.

  11. i would love to win this backyard makeover since we had a fire and i am living in a mobile home and my yard is a mess from the fire

  12. marjorie lockhart says:

    love to have a screened porch so don’t have to fight bugs because in the south its awful and a hot tub for my brittle bones and joints god bless thank you your show is great

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