Busch® Fishing Adventure Sweepstakes 2012

Busch® Fishing Adventure Sweepstakes 2012
Win (1 of 8) Fishing Adventure Packages in Ridgedale, Missouri with Kevin VanDam
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Sweepstakes Prize(s): Eight (8) Grand Prizes: (1) per Region: A Fishing Adventure Package for winner and (1) guest in Ridgedale, Missouri. Prize consists of round-trip air transportation (from gateway city nearest winner’s home), lodging for (3) consecutive nights, ground transportation to/from airport/lodge and a fishing adventure consisting of a guided fishing trip for winner and guest. During the guided fishing trip, winner and guest may have the opportunity to “meet and greet” and fish with Kevin VanDam (subject to availability). Travel expected to occur in September, 2012. Exact travel dates to be determined by Sponsor, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, at a later date and is subject to availability and change.
ARV: $3,500.

Total ARV of all prizes is $28,000.

Sweepstakes Expires: July 31, 2012

Sweepstakes Minimum Age: 18 years and older (19 or Older where state law requires)

Sweepstakes Open To: Legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Sweepstakes Entry Frequency: Daily


  1. Todays date is 3/14/2013 yesterday I bought a 30 pack of Busch that had a Jerkbait can in it for this contest. when I went to this web sight and saw the contest ended July 2012 that threw up a red flag in my mind, how old is this beer, so I started looking for dates and on the bottom is 12 FEB 13 I assume thats the experation date. The beer taste fine, but my question is does Busch sell outdated products often to vendors? I bought this beer at the class 6 on Ft Knox Ky and they are a high volume store so I am sure they have not had it long.

  2. I read the comments from John on 03/04/2013, same here I purchased my 30 pk a week ago. Did not get the can with the lure but saw the sweepstakes and thought why not. Only I did not pay attention to the year (2012). Just wondering why they are selling a product that is out dated. It does taste fine but why put the born on date on the can and the box. Well I will start paying my attention to the sell by date. If I can’t get a good date I guess I will start buying another beer. I have purchased this brand for years hate to change but I do not want to pay my hard working money on a out dated product. I wonder if the Busch Company will even care what the consumer thinks about them selling out dated products.

  3. scot foster says:

    just got this can that has a jerk bait pic on it is the contest over or not ????? got the can on 3/18/13 whats up i drink bush beer every day as do most of my friends but if we r just now getting the can and the contest is over we may switch cuz thats bull sh/t

  4. Sounds to me like busch beer hade some cartons left over from last year and decided to use them ! Drank the beer and it’s fine, shame on them for being misleading because the contest did indeed exspire last year july 31st 2012! But I would like to have a damn can wrap anyway! Are you watching Mr. busch beer?

  5. Boycott Busch says:

    Bought my 30pk on 3/24/13, got a Jerkbait can,wow I won something. BOD 11FEB13.What comes first the month or year? Contest is over? Everyone should be calling ANHEUSER-BUSCH. My beer was purchased in Allegan MI.

  6. Dusty Hunter says:

    After reading above comments, and personal research. I have arrived at this conclusion, the date on the bottom of the can is the born on date. (Date beer was canned) Note the gold arrow on bottom edge of can. Just guessing, but probably 90% of the beer drinkers I know drink Busch. I purchased my 30 pack in Berwick Pa. I would also like my can wrap, even though the contest doesn’t exit. Being a consumer of your beverage for at least 23 yrs, I am diappointed.


  7. Woodchucks says:

    March 30, 2013 – We just brought a 30 pack of Busch and received a specialty can as well. Looked at the bottom of the box for the rules and the contest ended in 2012!!!!!!! WTH????? This is 2013 and you are still producing these products???? Bottome of the cans date is 20 Feb 13. if you have these cans left, You should still be honoring the contest winners!!!! At least give everybody 5 30 packs to justify your bogus contest. NEVER EVER seen these cans and/or boxes in any stores in upstate NY!!!!!! Get your f’n act together and provide a coupon for free beer (5 30 packs at the least) via e-mail!!!!!!! Thinking about contacting the Better Business Bureau on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So disappointed on this bogus contest!!!
    I await a speedy reply and answer via e-mail!!!!

    Thank you… The Woodchucks!

  8. Have two of the Jerkbait cans; so excited. Won something! Alas; EXPIRED LAST YEAR!!!!!!! Beer was canned this year: Feb. 2013. Boxed in box that was advertising this contest. Do you think you are being fair to your loyal consumers? Not very happy about this. You could at least redeem these cans with a coupon for some freebies.

  9. margaret snyder says:

    Have a Jerkbait can; wow I won something .Ha Bought the beer in Conroe Tx .Guess they shipped the cans everwhere. Bought March 29 2013.

  10. Ruben Garcia says:

    After reading all comments: To my loyal BUSCH BEER DRINKERS guess we all just got Fked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Got mine around the same time you all got yours with a can of Jerkbait.Guess the only Jerks around here are the ones that packaged and shipped all the fked up cans and boxes with that phoney contest that has been over for about a year Speaking to the main people from the ANHEUSER-BUSCH company you really dont give a shit about your loyal customers by the way I’am from EL PASO,TEXAS city were Busch beer is very popular with hispanics and many of our military personnel, being one the largest military bases in the US.I will be sure to start buying BUD LIGHT from now on since your prices are almost the same anyway and they dont bullsht around with there contests.LOYAL?????? Busch drinker 06/93-03/2013 !!!!!!! LATERS!!!!!!!!

  11. whats up with contest?bought beer with born on date 22 march 2013.contest ended last year.dont remember contest last year,maybe misprint on box about dates of contest.been a loyal busch drinker for over 28 years.get made fun of for drinking it but i like it.but this makes me wonder.got a crankbait finally.but i guess it aint a winner.

  12. i too bought a 30 pack on 3/31/13 with born on date 24feb13 & a jointed bait on can. i too, think bush should do somthing about there pr who came up with this contest.

  13. I’ve been drinking BUSCH for 11 yrs. I was soo excited to see id gotten a FISH CAN to come to find out its an expired contest. W T F !!! If this isn’t false advertisement What is? 27 FEB 2013 box date.

  14. Just bought a 30 pack today, found a Jerkbait can and saw the contest has expired 11 months ago. I buy a 30 pack every week and have never seen this contest and I don’t believe I’ve seen any commercials on t,v. I always thought the date on the bottom of the can was the “born on” date (the day it was canned). So there is either no contest or a miss print on the game period expiration or we are all having the same dream.

  15. Patricia Quinn says:

    WTF bad enough it took me time to find this page then to find out the contest was last year!!! That’s a bad way to do business. We are two very unhappy Busch beer drinkers in this house maybe it’s time to switch to another beer. I also have a Jerkbait can and was excited to think I might have won something. What a big let down.

  16. chris myers says:

    quit crying just drink your bush . no big deal

  17. I been a loyal busch drinker for 15 yrs so the contest was bogus some one stated they were going to switch to bud light..look at the ditributor..consider miller.
    Theres alot of Busches out there and I have one between my legs…lol..Enjoy..make it Right!!!

  18. I have been a Busch drinker for many a year and have not heard of this contest until this year,2013. I was in Aspen, Colorado, and asked for a Busch Beer. The lady told me they had beers for all over the world but never heard of the Busch. I bought 10 cases to keep behind the bar for me and other Busch drinkers. I your sellsman cannot tell me the concept of out dated boxes but assures me the bee is fresh, WHAT UP. When this event happen must not of been in the South East. My taste buds have always been for the Busch. Anothe thing it seems all of the other writers as myself has received the Jerk Bait Can. Who is really beening Jerked? Love Always, DA BUSCH

  19. that bs got my jerk bait and got jerk by busch instead shame on them. i think i will drink coors now

  20. ed shelby says:

    yes, i had 1 can of beer in a 30 pack with a fishing lure on it also. beers dated 15 feb. 2013. kinda suxx,i thought i won something.

  21. big guy bri says:

    what is going on here I bought a thirty pack 4-9-13 in graham Washington it is also expired feb 13 thought I won something to guess I will have to switch to rainier

  22. Same deal as all of the above comments. Beer bought in April with Feb 2013 expiration date….had can with lure. REALLY….I would think a corporation as large as Anheuser-Busch could handle contest properly. The best part… bottom of box has “2013 ANHEUSER-BUSCH, BUSCH BEER, ST. LOUIS, MO” Then the rules of the contest are printed below that with a 2012 expiration date….CLASSIC

  23. Thirty pack bought 4-6-13 in Enid, OK. Jerkbait inside and now I found out it’s expired. Time to change brands. If no one from their offices can even responde, it’s obvious they don’t care about their mistake.

  24. OK settle down the contest is not over. Go to Busch.com and all of you will find that the contest is authenic and not outdated. I am sure if the Busch beer co. knew that all of you are upset, and or thinking about switching brands or even worse boycotting their beer they would have responded. If you go to Busch.com you will find that you are instructed to take an interesting photo of yourself holding your winning can post it on facebook and they will take it from there. I am not sure what taking it from there entails, but you are at least one step closer to winning then holding a can from a contest that you thought was outdated. Good Luck and cheers. KayCee

  25. robert reading says:

    wtf man, i never win anything, finaly got a can with the fish on 4/14/2013 expiration date on box says 2/27/2013, man i had my hopes up, just to get bumbed out. are they gonna do this contest again this year, should i keep my can,

  26. sooo.. here I am trying to do this contest and all I got was nothing but outdated beer and a contest that is from last year!! Who is responsible for selling all this outdated beer???? Is it the beer company or the distributor??? Are they allowed to sell outdated beer? They can not sell outdated milk, I drink more beer then milk. Beer, it does a body good..Got Beer??? :)

  27. All I wanted was a t-shirt! To hell with your moutains, show me your busch!!! :)

  28. james crumb says:

    i just bought a 18 pack in wilton manors fl got a crankbait fish can of course went on line for contest rules and found out it expired in july 2912 and yes the beer was outdated, someone should sue there asses for misrepusation and selling outdated merchandise not happy switching back to bud

  29. Kimberley Sain says:

    I was so excited to find my jointed bait can in my 30-pack today, I went right to this website only to get an expired page. Well that pissed me off cause I never win. This just proves my born loser luck. Thanks Anheuser-Busch for the false hope of breaking this streak! Looking forward to the next disappointing sweepstakes….NOT!!!

  30. I got a winning can on feb 13 ’13! both can and box same born on date, i would think id be the winner and the one drinking the freshest busch! Big winner right here in the new and improved ’13 Reel in a winner contest!!

  31. What is with selling outdated beer. I thought I won, had two cans took picture to send in and now I see the date that it is expired. That’s deceiving especially to loyal consumers. People should
    would get something for being deceived like free beer or a wrap or something.

  32. william tankersley says:

    bush you suck not the way to treat people you have lost my money and that is no bull

  33. kathleen balajan says:

    i too have a bait can born on date march 31 2013 whats the deal busch false advertising come on now……

  34. kelly hatton says:

    just want to say what a joke bush should give everyone on here that posted and wasted our money on a contest that is over i got two cans and was happy untill i got on here .bush is now out of my house and bar thanks for nothing .
    fyi only drank bush beer for last 15 years not any more.

  35. tom cauthen says:

    got lure yesterday also disappointed called the local distributer and they knew nothing.what a bogus way to get people to use a product.We all should get a trip to a nascar race.Call your local distributor

  36. dsprack says:

    We just purchased a 30 pack May 1, 2013 and also thought what a cool contest>but beer taste fine:) I also want my can wrap!!!!!!

  37. tcushman78 says:

    Wtf???? I call BS!!!!! Busch sucks. I’m switch to mgd. Its may 6 2013 and I FINALLY GOT A LURE CAN!!!!! Out dated or not I want something. Good thing I’m a lawyer…..


  39. Helping my hubby to get the prize we thought we won, well you got it we found the site for bush and no contest!!!! he has been drinking bush for a very long time..Very pissed off with the whole thing..BOD March 2013..we are in Pensacola, Fl. they need to make this right…

  40. I have one of these special cans too…its neat. What do I win? I definitely am a busch beer drinker for years. Live in the village of Hersey on the river. Drinking busch is a favorite pastime while fishing…bring on that can wrap.

  41. Hey my husband got a Jerkbait can and we thought we won only to find out the contest was over. The date on the bottom his can was 15Feb2013. This is messed up!!!!!! My husband and his friends enjoy Busch beer on the weekends while watching sports or fishing. This is false advertising. if the born on date was 15Feb2013 then that is when it was packaged then how are you legally using the contest boxes and cans when contest ended July 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I bought my 18 pack of Busch, which me and my buddies drink everyday, and I found a can which was Crankbait, and come to find out the contest was outdated, I think that is a bunch of bull, and the lady that made the comment on respond to facebook, I believe she must work for them because the only think she talked about was how she could save their business,

  43. I bought my 18 pack of Busch, which me and my buddies drink everyday, and I found a can which was Crankbait, and come to find out the contest was outdated, I think that is a bunch of bull, and the lady that made the comment on respond to facebook, I believe she must work for them because the only thing she talked about was how she could save their business,

  44. Busch beer, fishing and apple pie; it doesnt get much more American than that!

  45. My husband drinks a lot of busch beer.he buys 30 packs often and we have 2 jerkbait cans. The first one was march 1,2013,we have continually tired to find out what to do with them. Well the word is the contest ended June 2012. My husband has been buying busch for years. We somehow feel they just started distributing them in 2013 so what’s going on with busch? Maybe time for a change?????

  46. bob hoisington says:

    like everyone else i to bought a 30 pack, and the b.o.d. was 27march2013! WTF what bullshit u should not b able to sell something where u can win, after the contest is over enless u are going to honor the winner, “screw busch”, move over coors light drinkers here comes another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Howard J Sladel says:

    I purchased a Jerkbait can dated 2/15/13..
    I too am very disappointed in Busch beer for running this sham. Shame on you!!!

  48. Howard J Sladek says:

    I just purchased a Jerkbait can dated 2/15/13. I too am very disappointed in Busch beer for running this sham. Shame on you!!


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